Pirates Day
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Pirates Day
Pirates Day 2010 be: 8th August

Harbour Green
Bangles the Juggler
Inner Sanctum Pirates Crew
Uplyme Morris Men
Merriott Majorettes - 2:00pm
Petra Hughes Cartoon Artist
Pirates of Poole
Poole Buccaneers
Pirates' Galleon
Hook a Duck
Treasure Chest
Lucky Dip
Pirate Bagatelle
Help the Rats Abandon Ship!
Find the Lost Mermaid
Find the Lost Treasure
Steady Hands on Deck
Load the Cannons
CannonBall Run
Play ye Cards Right me Hearties
Throw the Grappling Iron
Walk the Plank ye Landlubber
Best Dressed Pirate or Wench (under 12's) - 3:00pm
Best Dressed Pirate or Wench (over 12's) - 3:00pm
Face Painting - Sir John Colfox School
Card Game - Sir John Colfox School
'West Bay W I' Charity Stall
Bryan Johnson - Artist

Fishermans Green
Books Stall
Toy Stall
Tombola Stall
Teddy Raffle
'West Bay Sea Scouts' Stall
'Spring' Charity Stall
'BGRC - Bridport Gig Rowing Club' Stall
'Bridport Musical Theatre Group' Stall
'Marinelife Interegg' Stall
'Moving On' Stall

Salt House
Cream Teas and Light Snacks
First Aid
Lost Children

East Beach
Pirates O' War - Tug Of War
5:00pm - approx

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